One Month

On Tuesday, June 28th – my brother has been gone for 1 month. One month without weekly calls saying “Hey sis, what cha doin?”, no emails filled with random thoughts and no “I love you’s”. One month, without the stress, and worrying about what is he doing, is he okay? Without the nerveness of when I know it is him calling…”OH NO, what is wrong now?”.

See, my brother was a recovering drug addict, who recently about 10 months ago – made the step to get clean and move away and check him self into a rehabilitation program. So when he came home for a visit on May 27th and passed away on May 28th, we were floored!

The family had a thought about what “may” have happened, however we didn’t understand – he was doing good.

So today with another holiday approaching and one month passed. I just needed to put this out there.

The Winter Tortoise

Another snow storm has come and gone, leaving some homebound, others off to work – just like any other day.

We people in Northeast Pennsylvania hear the word “Snow“, some trigger goes off. Many run to the grocery store to stock up on bread, milk and eggs. I guess they will survive off of french toast for the day they are stuck in their homes. Some drive around in the snow, with snow-covered windows, bald tires, going way to fast for the conditions of the road.

For me, going up in Northeast Pennsylvania, snow does not bother me one bit. I love to be outside and have no problem shoveling my car out in the morning. I live by this motto when driving in the snow, “SLOW and STEADY”. You will make it to your designation when you get there, no need to rush.

TurtleListen to the tortoise – slow down and pay attention.

One more thing the tortoise teaches us – everything you need you have with you, as the turtle has his home with him everywhere it goes.

Thrifty Thursday

Oil PaintingsI have recently been thinking about adding some artwork to liven up my living space. There is so much out there to choose from, how does one decide?

Here are three things I use to help with my decision.

First: By color – This is pretty obvious. The artwork you choose should coordinate with your room colors. It does not have to be a spot on match, don’t forget contrasting colors can bring an added flavor to your room.

Second: By size – Your artwork should be a sidebar conversation piece, NOT the end all be all. You do not want it to be distracting.

Third: By price – You do NOT have to spend a fortune to get some really great pieces of art. Replicas are just as fabulous if you are on a budget. Click this link to find really great artwork at reasonable prices.

I hope this small article was helpful. Now go make your living space lively, I know I will.

Fabulous “Furniture” Friday

It is Fabulous Friday, and as I just recently turned another year older, I am realizing the importance of having a great livable living area. A space where not only you are comfortable hanging out, watching the big screen and playing games, but others (friends, family etc.) love to come over and chill.

The first thing you may need to look at is the size of your room. You need to locate all your recepticals, for safety and functionality purposes.

Second, where oh where do you place the furniture (the almighty love seat or sectional). These pieces of furniture are very important, they can either make or break a room’s energy. You need to make sure they do not stick out to far, they do not block any entrance or exit, that they are to big for the size of the room. (HINT- HINT)

Please make note of colors in true daylight and indoor lighting. Your sofa sectional may be a sage in the daylight and split pea soup by night. Once again, the color is very important as it can through off the room’s energy.

Thirdly, use accent pieces. Small little touches of color here or there. A funky lampshade in the corner, family photos on the wall, hand painted artwork from your trip to the Salvation Army, all bring your room alive and offer something for others to observe, and talk about, while highlighting your main pieces of furniture (love seat or sectional).

So bring your room to life and make it a space to live in.

Clear the Past…

Do you feel stuck in your work and home life? Are you getting looked over time and time again for promotions at work? Do you have a turbulent relationship with your sister?

If so,  I want to recommend to everyone a  leadership development program called “Total Leadership Connections.” This program is transformational.

I will speak later on my life changing experience going through this program, however first I want you to view this video.

Sylvia Lafair, Ph.D., President of Creative Energy Options, Inc. and author of the award winning book, “Don’t Bring It to Work” speaks about the first 2 program sessions and about the power of dialogue.

Joy of a Cranky Baby


Exploring Nature

Today my little guy was extremely cranky. This is a rare occasion, as usually especially as soon as I get home from work, he is a ball of fire, running to give me a huge hug and telling me it’s time to eat, mommy by pointing to his high chair in the kitchen.

Today he was out of sorts. I pulled out all the stops to get him smiling and laughing. Making the funny faces, funny sounds, reading his favorite book, “Green Eggs and Ham“, giving him his cuppie with juice (instead of the usually water), putting in his favorite video with Bert and Ernie (who is his all time number one favorite character), I mean nothing was working.

I finally decided we need to get some fresh air and opened up the back door, as soon as the door opened the little man raced out to the first step ready to go. I held his hand and we walked around the yard looking at the flowers and tomato plants for 30 minutes. He was pleasant and very interested in the leaves of the plants.

I just watched in wonder, thinking what a joy it is to see him exploring in nature and smiling along the way.

Karma Kicked My @$$

"Karma"Unexpected events happen… that is life.

Yesterday, AFTER I dropped my little one off I was in a car accident. I was furious. I was not going to be late for work, the other driver was not at all concerned, as he said, “It’s not a big deal.”

Excuse me, not a big deal. I am late for work, my car is damaged, I haven’t got in an accident in 12+ years, my insurance will now go up, I will have to pay for repairs…….

After paperwork was exchanged, police arrived etc. I drove to the near by auto garage, where my brother-in-law works. I had him look at my vehicle.

Just so happens at the same time, my aunt, whom I haven’t seen in forever was there. Someone hit her car in a parking lot.  We got to talking about my little one, I showed her pictures. We discussed having a small family get together before the summer ends.

As I waited for my rental car, I played back the events of the morning. I was thankful, thankful my little one was not in the car with me, thankful noone was injured, thankful I saw my aunt, thankful I get to drive around in a BRAND NEW CAR for a week or two.

Thanks KARMA!!